Airbus – Clearwater partnership

Clearwater is an accredited partner of Airbus Defence and Space who operate the most comprehensive constellation of radar and optical satellites globally. Our partnership has led to the integration of a simple to use tasking tool within the Clearwater portal allowing the acquisition of satellite imagery on an as and when needed basis.


Maritime applications

Monitoring service

Following definition of the area required for imaging and the frequency of images required, Clearwater is able to monitor and analyse your assets and areas of interest in order for you to be alerted in the event of changes, displacements or events to your immediate environment that may have an impact on your activities.



  • Provision of affordable, high quality imagery builds an invaluable maritime domain awareness picture
  • Assists with mitigation of risk when applied in a fused environment
  • Supports or replaces other surveillance systems
  • Rapidly identifies changes to the immediate environment
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