Logistics and fleet compliance services

Clearwater have long recognised the importance of integrating “real time” vessel tracking and data transmission with a professional approach to “scheduling” and “compliance” as the most efficient way to manage commercial fleets.  Proven by industry results, deploying Clearwater vessel monitoring teams provides significant savings in fuel and servicing costs as a bi-product of active 24/7 vessel monitoring.

One Clearwater logistics hardware solution, providing “real time” asset positioning and data transmission, is the integration of a low maintenance, covert satellite communication terminal called “Raptor”.

In parallel with the deployment of industry leading software and hardware Clearwater recognise compliance management (Vessel Compliance and Scheduling) as one of the main influences on operating efficiencies.

Monthly compliance reports can include :

Vessel monitoring teams

Strictly upon client request, Clearwater are able to deploy dedicated 1 to 5 man teams of industry professionals to ensure that vessels comply with speed, course and route planning 24 hours a day.

What our clients say about the system

“ Collaboration and deployment on all our critical offshore support vessels, has revolutionised our logistic transformation programme. It has helped us create rapid improvements in industry compliance and operating efficiencies. As a result, we have achieved immediate and substantial cost reduction in the form of direct cost saving and cost avoidance in fleet rationalization and fuel consumption. It further enables us to identify other cost savings opportunities through business analytics on the captured data ”

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, 2015.